About Me

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”    –   Dorothea Lange

Photographer / Owner

Alejandro Vizcaino

Light It Blue Photography specializes in lifestyle and portrait photography. We dedicate all our time and efforts in making sure our customers get what they truly deserve. We understand your desire to preserve those special and unique moments with your family and special others, and will work with you to meet your expectations by using our artistic talents.

I’m a Lifestyle Portrait photographer based in Land O’ Lakes, Florida who loves capturing people’s moods, expressions and interpersonal connections. I live with my wife and 2 daughters and recognize how important is to preserve a family’s memories. Time goes way too fast and every important stage of our life is an opportunity to document those moments that make part of our history and personal experiences.

Even though almost every person now uses cellphones with cameras and social media to share events instantly, I’m convinced of the true value of a professional Portrait. Instant sharing, live feeds and occasional spontaneous ‘selfies’ can’t compete or compare to the quality of a quality print or digital and will never replace the value of an artistic creation that will last forever.

We also do business headshots and cover different type of events. Please let us know your needs. We will be thrilled on working with you soon.